What is Winsis Studio

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Exchange Data (Axe,MD etc..)is handled by MML commands.In Ericsson specific products there is a fine Program called Winfiol which serves as connector between user and exchange.

Winfiol handles Modem, RS 232 and TCP-IP protocol and works as terminal program to user. There are lots of user helping functions included to Winfiol.For example command flow automation and even a script language.

In spite of that Winfiol is used mostly by keyboard giving commands and reading results. Then user make decision how to continue after reading of result printout. To help everyday exchange handling job operators have created a huge amount of template ascii files which can be used as base to exchange data changes.

This is where Winsis Studio comes on. Winsis Studio is a test system (PC-program) with graphical interface for creating and executing automated Instructions. Winsis Studio has professional scripting editor, compilator and script executor. It fully co-operates with Winfiol. Every command Winsis Studio sends to target system (Axe, MD etc...) goes via Winfiol. By Winsis Studio it is fast and easy to create sequences as complicated as needed. Winsis Studio has option to create visual components from script to create sequences which look to user like running a program. With Winsis Studio it is easy to handle huge amount of sequences by arranging certain category sequences to own directory's.

By Winsis Studio sequences can be created by programming (Scripting), recording from Winfiol, creating sequences from Winfiol log file, cmdfile and from clipboard containing part of Winfiol logfile or cmdfile. Winsis Studio scripting enviroment consist of editor with compiler and different debug window. It contains powerful macros to create script templates for visual component creating. It is not a question only scripting program. Winsis Studio brings professional programming environment to scripting.