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Sequence creation with Winsis Studio is easy and fast. There is possibility for advanced user familiar with programming to create complex sequences. There is also possibility to produce sequences without almoust any coding. Look animated examples of creating sequnences below.
Create Sequence by Recording(GIF)From Log File to Sequence(GIF)Create Sequence Manually(GIF)Record commands to one object(GIF)
Create Sequence by Recording(AVI)From Log File to Sequence(AVI)Create Sequence Manually(AVI)Record commands to one object(AVI)
MouseCode is a powerful function to use Winsis Studio external (self made) functions and procedures by adding them by mouse to script which is open for edit. New function / procedure can be easily added to Mousecode by writing and testing it in Winsis Studio Edit Script Window .
Using MouseCode 1(AVI)Using MouseCode 2(AVI)Create a new function to MouseCode(AVI)
Problems with AVIs? Download TechSmith Screen Capture Codec for AVIs