WikiTalk TL 1.3.3

Wikipedia text to speech and navigating program

Internet Explorer, Netscape 8, Mozilla 1.7.8 and Firefox 1.5 can be used as Default Browser.
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WikiTalk TL 1.3.3 is a program for Wikipedia users to make Searches from Wikipedia and to Speak the search result.

WikiTalk Features:
Find your default Web Browser automatically
Talking head
Speak Several different languages
Text to wav
Text to MP3
Controls Internet Explorer and Acts as Wikipedia navigator and shows the founded page in Web browser.
Planned so that also persons with limited sense of sight can use it easily
WikiTalk TL 1.3.3 needs an Internet connection to work.
Tested with IE6, Netscape8,Mozilla 1.7.8, Firefox 1.5 and XP
Free for not commercial use