WikiTalk TL 1.3.3

Wikipedia text to speech and navigating program

Download Page

Follow Installation Instructions for WikiTalk TL 1.3.3 carefully
Do Installation in following order:

1. Install Microsoft SPCHCPL Control panel applet.
If SPCHCPL Control panel applet is allready installed goto 2.
Link below points to Microsoft Download Page. Below "Agent 2.0 Add-in: SAPI 4 control panel applet" text there is a Download button. Click it to Download SPCHCPL
Click link to Download to Temp directory and install
     SPCHCPL Control panel applet (about 800 kilobytes)

2. Install Microsoft Speech API 4.0a
If Microsoft Speech API 4.0a is allready installed goto 3.
Click link to Download to Temp directory and install
     Microsoft Speech API 4.0a (about 800 kilobytes)

3. Install Free Languages
These languages do not reserve much space so recommendation is to install them all. If free languages are allready installed goto 4.
Click link to Download to Temp directory and install
     British English (2.54MB) Basic language!Must be installed
     Dutch (2.58MB)
     French (2.24MB)
     German (2.18MB)
     Italian (1.97MB)
     Japanese (3.00MB)  Not unfortunately supported yet?!
     Korean (3.03MB)  Not unfortunately supported yet?!
     Portuguese (2.39MB)
     Russian (2.85MB)  Not unfortunately supported yet?!
     Spanish (2.36MB)

An Alternative sites to download Free Languages. This site language is finnish.
     Goto Alternative TTS Engine page

Scroll down the page until you see flags. Click text on right of the flag to download TTS Engine.
The TTS download part of page looks like finnish text below. Language text on the right of flag is translated to english.


Puhujat (speech engines) ovat SAPIn puhetta tuottavia osia. Voit valita ja asentaa omalle koneellesi eri kielisiä puhujia omien mieltymystesi mukaan. Allaolevalta listalta löydät Lernout & Hauspien valmistamia puhujia (TTS3000):

amerikanenglanti=American English
japani= Japanese
brittienglanti=British English
hollanti= Dutch

4. Install WikiTalk TL Version 1.3.3(Updated 02.07.2006)
Click link to Download to Temp directory and install
     WikiTalk TL 1.3.3

Notice! Wikitalk TL 1.3.3 will not work properly if Microsoft Text-to-Speech Engines for SAPI4: Mary, Mike, Sam and More (msttsl.exe) is installed.